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403 was founded in 29 March 1992, in Yamanashi Fujiyoshida-city as the cleaner’s. Since establishment, we have been keeping our policy, that ‘reborn the goods to the original quality and form’, and supplying the best goods. We try to make our customers to be satisfied with our service and pursue to improve in the quality of service and to create a comfortable work environment for all our employees. We will strive to be the company, which contributes to the local community.

President & CEO Masakazu Iwamoto


Cleaning Yonmarusan Co., Ltd.
Predident & CEO: Masakazu Iwamoto
Location: Minamitsurugun Fujikawaguchikomachi Funatsu 3161-2, Yamanashi-prefecture
Tel: +81-555-73-3844
Fax: +81-555-73-3845
E-mail: info@403.co.jp
Founded in: 29 March, 1992
Capital: 20,320,000yen
Business: Cleaning business


We provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and contribute to the advancement of society and humankind, through our cleaning management.
We pursue not only the economic affluence, but also the sense of spiritual wealth. All employees complete high quality and productivity for the customers to be pleased. Throughout ensuring reasonable profit and paying taxes we contribute to improve social welfare and create a comfortable work environment.



You do the customer service job at 403 shop. Please receive the customer’s goods at the reception counter.
・ask the customer’s requirements and receive the goods, such as if he or her wants to remove the spot and stain to need reform the goods and so on.
・get the number for each goods to manage the customer’s goods and distinguish one from another.
・check the pockets of goods to find something. If there still remains the light or something it might be produced the catastrophe. Also check the situation of goods that if there are any damages. This is the very important process.
・after cleaning, check the finish state of goods if they are cleaned as the customer’s inquires.
・give the goods back to the customers with great smile.
・keep the shop clean, skill up the sales talk, and make the POP display are also important job.


Though the same movement and produce high productivity and quality. Every people have no experience work at cleaning factory, please don’t worry to entry.
Finishing the shirt.Using the machine and fining the shirts.
Finishing the jackets, pants, and casual shirts Using the iron for business, which give the steam and finish the goods one by one. There are many jobs, such as sort and wash the goods in the factory, we are welcome if you want to challenge for the new job.
Delivering the finish goods to all the shops and collecting the goods before cleaning. It is very important to drive safely and deliver the goods without mistake. Please don’t waste time.